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Stage Door: Photos, video, press

Stage Door, by Ferber & Kaufman. Photo by Leo Ticheli.

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If there ever is a lack of Birmingham-area folks in Actors Equity Association, don’t blame Jonathan Fuller.

—Alec Harvey, The Birmingham News and Read more.

This makes the Alabama School of Fine Arts one of, if not the only, high school in the United States with [the Equity Member Candidacy] program as part of its curriculum.

—Jonathan Fuller, on one reason ASFA was chosen as chosen as America’s standout high school theatre program in the Southeast by Stage Directions (“Diversity in Excellence,” November 2011).

Set in The Footlights Club, a midtown New York City residence hotel filled with would-be Broadway starlets, Stage Door is a Depression-era love letter to the legitimate stage, illuminating the trials and triumphs of those who live their lives in the wings. The CET/ASFA presentation is a charming, sincere production featuring fresh, young talents and a handful of veterans, all of whom understand the allure of the spotlight and the sacrifices made to reach center stage.

—from the SoWhenIsYourShow? review.


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