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artsBHAM: “Tour de force portrayals” in A Steady Rain

“Two of Birmingham’s finest actors, Marty Higginbotham and Patrick Ian McCall, deliver tour de force portrayals in the drama…go see this triumph of acting at City Equity Theatre…”

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Patrick Ian McCall (Joey) & Marty Higginbotham (Denny)
Patrick Ian McCall (Joey) & Marty Higginbotham (Denny)
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A Steady Rain’s director: Alan Gardner


Alan Gardner is the co-founder / co-artistic director of City Equity Theatre and has acted in or directed many productions since the company’s beginning. Patrons might remember his acting from BIll W. and Dr.  BobThe Seahorse, or Superior Donuts. Alan has been a member of Actor’s Equity and the Screen Actors Guild for over 15 years; he has an M.F.A. in Acting from the University of Pittsburgh and a B.A. in Theatre from UAB.

Professionally he has acted in nine feature films, 50 television commercials, and onstage off-Broadway, and regionally in Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta and Pittsburgh. He has also just achieved another personal goal with the formation of Ashland Films (2013), of which he is co-owner, and has sold Ashland’s first project. For 22 years he has been the proud husband of Francie Gardner and is also extremely proud of his four sons, McNeill, Stuart, Hamilton and Walker. He also is proud to have led the Vestavia High School Theatre Guild as director from 2007-2014. He thanks all of the crestive team for their hard work and dedication on this production.