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Hi CET fans and friends. Jonathan Fuller here. Now that our 2012/2013 Season has closed with the end of AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY’s run, I thought in looking towards the future that I’d clarify a bit how our audition process works:

At the end of each Season we have to supply Equity’s NY office with paperwork and figures so we can close out the bond we posted for the season. What’s the bond, you may ask? Well, this harkens back to the days when Actors had to pay their own expenses and often were at the mercy of producers for payment. Sometimes while on tour or playing a regional gig, an unscrupulous producer would skip out on the company, leaving actors stranded in some regional backwater town. So in order to work under a union contract (as City Equity does) we are required to make a down payment, as it were, for two weeks’ worth of salaries for the Equity actors we would be paying in our peak period of employment. That two weeks salary would help them get back to their home bases.

Once a Season ends, we get that money (The Bond) back from the union. The process of closing a Season takes about a month, and we’ll be working on the proposal to submit to the union for our 2013/2014 next season in the meantime; depending on approval, we can then feel confident to hold auditions for next season.

Let’s make no mistake, we are OBLIGATED to have auditions by the union, so everyone should keep watching the City Equity and Actors’ Equity websites(for those of you who are members), Facebook, and whatever other social media we can get the word out with. I usually like to hold Generals for any given season, but this year we may audition on a show-by-show basis. We hope to start that process in late July.

So thank you all for your patience, and we hope you can come out if there are roles you see as being right for you.