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Meet the Cast of Ruined: Commander Osembenga – Calvin Benford

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Meet the Cast of Ruined: Commander Osembenga – Calvin Benford

Calvin Benford is a native of Birmingham and a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He was the voice of Bravo Bob on the radio drama Staying Well in Camberwell. He has contributed voice talent to many political radio spots; he was also the winner the 2012 Stardome Comedy Club open-mic contest. He currently works for Birmingham City Schools and you may have heard his voice at some of the high school sporting events. Ruined is Calvin’s debut performance with City Equity and Aldridge Repertory Theatres. He would like to thank Jonathan and Cheryl for the opportunity to perform in a role of this nature. He would also like to thank God and all those who have encouraged him (especially Cheryl) and supported him.