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Theatre UAB acknowledges alum and CET VP

Theatre UAB has posted an online hat tip to Patrick Johnson, stage manager for our upcoming production of Ruined and recently-elected Vice-President of our Board of Directors; read it here.

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Superior Donuts: sold out!

via the Virginia Samford Theatre on Facebook:

Hope you were able to snag your tickets to City Equity Theatre’s top notch production of SUPERIOR DONUTS! All remaining shows are SOLD OUT!!!

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Superior Donuts: reviews

“Superior Donuts” isn’t a perfect play, but like much of City Equity’s work, it’s hard to find fault with the production itself. The acting is wonderful, and the show seems very much at home in the Martha Moore Sykes Studio at the Virginia Samford Theatre.

From Alec Harvey’s 4-star review for the Birmingham News; read it here on

Carolyn Messina, Sylvester Little, Jr., and Alan Gardner

…the soul of the play belongs to Franco and Arthur and Sylvester Little, Jr. and Alan Gardner respectively deliver. The actors in are into each other’s rhythms and their by-play is superb. They carry the emotional baggage of their characters with ease and Gardner’s deeply felt disconnect with the world and its disappointments is rendered hauntingly.

From the grassroots theatre criticism collective site Vanishing Sights; read the full review from University of Alabama theatre professor Steve Burch here.