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Race: review & photos

Because of the language, “Race” isn’t for everyone, but it probably should be. It’s four excellent actors at work in Birmingham’s only Equity theater, and it brings home the uneasy proposition that maybe, just maybe, we’re all a little more bigoted than we think.

Alec Harvey’s 4-star review in The Birmingham News.

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Alan Gardner a formidable Teddy Roosevelt in “Bully!”

by Alec Harvey, The Birmingham News
November 10, 2009

“Bully! An Adventure With Teddy Roosevelt”
City Equity Theatre at the Virginia Samford Theatre
Through Nov. 15

Review gets four out of five stars

Theodore Roosevelt was an interesting man — a politician, of course, but also an explorer, hunter, author, naturalist and any number of other things.

He died in 1919 at age 60, but Teddy Roosevelt is alive and well and holding court at the Virginia Samford Theatre in the guise of “Bully!,” a one-man show about the 26th president of the United States.

It’s Alan Gardner, co-founder of City Equity Theatre, which is presenting the show, who has the daunting task of portraying the larger-than-life Roosevelt, and he is more than up to the task. From the opening moments of “Bully!,” as Gardner bustles down an aisle and to the stage, we like him. Roosevelt is a great storyteller with magnificent stories to tell, whether they happened in the White House or in the wilds of Africa, and playwright Jerome Alden, director Alan Litsey and Gardner keep the action moving right along.

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Actors make the most of “Frankie and Johnny”

by Alec Harvey, The Birmingham News
June 3, 2009
City Equity Theatre at Virginia Samford Theatre through June 14
Review gets four out of five stars

Frankie and Johnny are scarred.

They’re lonely and ordinary and unsure of themselves, but most of all, they’re scarred — she by an abusive boyfriend and he by a failed marriage and a stint in prison.

Somehow, though, they find each other while working together at a New York diner. In “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune,” we meet them on their first night together, filled with great sex and a slowly dawning revelation that they might be perfect for each other.

For Terrence McNally’s two-person play to work, you need two fine actors, and thankfully that’s what we get with City Equity Theatre’s production that opened Wednesday night.

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The God of Hell reviewed in The Birmingham News

by Alec Harvey
The Birmingham News
July 19, 2008 

“The God of Hell”
City Equity Theatre
Through July 27
Review: four out of five stars

In its first three seasons, Birmingham’s City Equity Theatre has proven at least two things.

First, the troupe isn’t going to take the easy way out, opting for literate, challenging work rather than sure-fire box-office winners.

And second, they’re always going to do it with a high degree of quality.

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