2013-2014 Season


BILL W. AND DR. BOB, by Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey.

This amazing true story tells of the two men who pioneered Alcoholics Anonymous, and their two wives who founded Al-Anon. Told with refreshing candor, humor and a refreshing lack of sentimentality, this play is a fitting tribute to Bill Wilson–a man Aldous Huxley called “the greatest social architect of our century” and who Time magazine named to their “TIME List of The Most Important People of the 20th Century.”

Sept. 27 – October 6th, 2013 on the Main Stage of the Virginia Samford Theatre.


THE SEAFARER, by Conor McPherson.

Written by one of Ireland’s new wave of playwrights, this chilling comedy takes place on a Christmas Eve during which two brothers, their friends, and an unexpected guest play a convivial game of poker…little realizing that one in the room is playing for his very soul.

In a first time Partnership with Birmingham Festival Theatre.  December 5th  – 22nd, 2013 at Birmingham Festival Theatre.

Sted Rain Color

A STEADY RAIN, by Keith Huff.

Originated on Broadway starring Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, this dark duologue tells the story of two cops, partners on the force and friends since kindergarten.  When a domestic violence call takes a turn for the worse, their friendship takes a harrowing journey into the gray areas where trust and loyalty are pitted against each other as their ethics struggle on the mean streets of Chicago.

In the Martha Moore Sykes Studio of the Virginia Samford Theatre. February 20th – March 9th,  2014.


And finally in another partnership with the Alabama School of Fine Arts:


This rarely seen, visionary play is by Michael Ondaatje, the author of “The English Patient.”  With the rights granted us by the author himself, the revolutionary play combines truth, fiction, historical quotes, myth and hallucinatory prose poetry to tell the tale of one of the Wild West’s most famous outlaws.

In ASFA’s new Black Box Theatre May 1 – 18, 2014.

Auditions, News

First-pass non-Equity auditions at Birmingham Festival Theatre

BFT 2013-2014 Season Auditions
Plus First-pass Non-Equity Auditions
for City Equity Theatre

Saturday, August 3, 10:00 am – noon
Sunday, August 4, 2:00 – 4:00 pm


Birmingham Festival Theatre, 1901 1/2 11th Ave S Birmingham

Adult actors of all ages and ethnicities are encouraged to attend. Actors will have up to 3 minutes to offer a single or 2 contrasting monologues. An additional few minutes will be available for directors’ questions. Please bring 3 copies of your resume and a head shot, if available—two copies of your head shot if you seek consideration by both BFT and CET. This is a great opportunity to be seen by several different directors and audition for several shows at the same time. You may be called back at another time to read again for one or more specific shows.

Pending rights acquisition and finalizing arrangements with our partners and venues, CET will be looking at talent for the following upcoming productions:

  • Bill W. and Dr. Bob  by Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey
  • The Seafarer  by Conor McPherson
  • A Steady Rain  by Keith Huff
  • The Collected Works of Billy the Kid  by Michael Ondaatje

For more information on BFT’s season, visit their audition listing online or on Facebook.

We look forward to making further announcements soon!