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Meet the Cast of Bill W. and Dr. Bob: Todd Ponder

Todd's headshot

Meet the Cast of Bill W. and Dr. Bob: Todd Ponder (Ebby Thatcher, Rev. Tunks, Lloyd)

Todd is proud to be making his debut with City Equity Theatre. He has been a regular performer at South City Theatre in Columbiana where he was last seen in the role of Hank, an Elvis impersonator, in Elvis People, co- produced and co-directed by his talented wife, Lisa Ponder. They just celebrated their two year anniversary last month. Todd also appeared in The MLK Project with the Red Mountain Theatre Company, and he just completed filming for two independent feature films: Thr33 Days Dead ( and Doobie Sampson: Professional Studmuffin. Next year he will be appearing in the Politically Incorrect Cabaret’s production of Threepenny Opera. Many, many, MANY thanks to Alan, Jonathan, Patrick, the cast & crew and Sandra for letting me a part of this fantastic production!!! Much love to my talented, darling wife Lisa and to my wonderful mom for always supporting me! Love ya Dad.


Bill W. and Dr. Bob: cast list

Bill Wilson – Jonathan Fuller, AEA
Dr. Bob Smith – Alan Gardner, AEA
Lois Wilson – Jan D. Hunter
Anne Smith – Melissa Cox Summey, EMC
Henrietta Seiberling (and others) – Regina Harbour, EMC
Ebby Thatcher (and others) – Todd Ponder, EMC
Eddie (and others) – Jeffrey Dingler, EMC
Billy (and others) – Don Sandley, EMC
Hen (and others) – Julie Steward, EMC
Ruthie (and others) – Rebecca Yeager, EMC

Director – Sandra Taylor
Stage Manager – Patrick Ian McCall, AEA

(AEA indicates membership in Actors’ Equity Association; EMC denotes enrollment in the Equity Membership Candidacy program.)

Casting is only easy when one is faced with limited options; having to make choices when faced with a wealth of talent is the best problem to have. Thanks to everyone who came out—we look forward to finding opportunities to working with you, whether in this show or in future!