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Actors make the most of “Frankie and Johnny”

by Alec Harvey, The Birmingham News
June 3, 2009
City Equity Theatre at Virginia Samford Theatre through June 14
Review gets four out of five stars

Frankie and Johnny are scarred.

They’re lonely and ordinary and unsure of themselves, but most of all, they’re scarred — she by an abusive boyfriend and he by a failed marriage and a stint in prison.

Somehow, though, they find each other while working together at a New York diner. In “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune,” we meet them on their first night together, filled with great sex and a slowly dawning revelation that they might be perfect for each other.

For Terrence McNally’s two-person play to work, you need two fine actors, and thankfully that’s what we get with City Equity Theatre’s production that opened Wednesday night.

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