Photos – August: Osage County

Thanks again to Marty Higginbotham for his videography and for extracting these stills!

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August photos?

This anonymous query came in to our Tumblr:

pics from the latest show?


No, unfortunately, which is practically criminal! But there will be.

There was a time (and budget) crunch. With intermissions, the show ran nearly 3 1/2 hours. We had early preshow fight call. We had a considerable postshow reset, considering the thousand-and-one props, dinner for 11, cleanup of broken plates and catfish, and so on. Typically, our occupation of the facility ran five hours or more every night; if we hadn’t been able to negotiate a bit of wiggle room in our rental agreement with the Virginia Samford Theatre, we would have owed an overage for every night of tech week and the run, and calling the cast any earlier was almost entirely impracticable—we’d have needed folks in place by 5pm, the VST is a hard destination to reach in a timely fashion during rush hour, and folks had other obligations anyway. A dedicated photo call just wasn’t in the cards.

But we *do* have a considerable amount of raw footage produced by our videographer, Marty Higginbotham (a fine actor in his own right), which was shot during a final dress rehearsal. Marty’s a pro. The video resolution isn’t quite as high as if we’d had photos shot with an SLR, but more than sufficient to extract quality still images. It’ll take a little while yet, but we will be posting a collection of those images in the near future.
Thanks for asking!

Thank you – come again!

So many people still to acknowledge here on the last day of our run:

Tavi Juarez, our ASM, and Karin Callahan, props mistress extraordinaire, who–along with stage manager Amanda Maddox–have done yeoman’s duty keeping the trains running on time, keeping up with the thousand and one props in this show, keeping the cast fed & lubricated onstage, cleaning up broken plates and fish parts on a nightly basis. This crew has worked incredibly hard, and this show would not be what it is without them.

Peter Sloane, our lighting designer for Ruined, who began this project with us and was called away by emergent circumstances; the VST’s own Ben Boyer, who bailed us out when Pete had to leave, ensuring we weren’t performing in the dark; Ebonee Johnson, who’s done a fabulous job of throwing our cues.

Amanda Sullivan, who’s managed a very busy VST box office and done such a great job of dealing with our atypical ticketing requests (the buy-one-get-one deals offered for the cast, the $5 student walk-up deal).

The list goes on.

We’d especially like to thank our fans and patrons who’ve made this show the success that it’s become. We do this for you, and you have rewarded us above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you all.
And let’s do this one more time!


For Immediate Posting

A bittersweet night. We had an incredibly appreciative audience. It is such a joy to perform for them all. And bittersweet that like a sand castle, tomorrow AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (like all theatre shows) will disappear at 5:45 pm. There are still seats left. If you’re students, come for $5.00. Yes, as the director I am proudly prejudiced, but please come and see the fine work this cast does before it’s gone forever.