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American Buffalo reviewed for The Mamet Review

City Equity Theatre, Birmingham, Alabama. 27 May 2006.
William Hutchings, Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham

Seldom if ever has a production of American Buffalo had more verisimilitude than in its three-weekend run in late May and early June in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. As they entered the street-front storefront venue known as The Playhouse in the northern part of the inner city area, playgoers might readily believe they were entering an actual junk shop. The space, routinely used for storage of props by several theatre companies which also make them available for rent, was cluttered with signs, curios, and not-quite-collectibles. Almost a dozen crowded circular racks of women’s formalwear, obviously not quite new and sorted by color, had been shoved out of the way to clear a space for three rows of seating around an elevated acting area. Continue reading